Nokia Lumia 1020 genuine

Photography Smartphone Nokia's most advanced milk preparation presence in Vietnam, more expensive machines cheaper LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. Lumia 1020 with 41 MP camera is the best camera smartphone of Nokia.

Launched in July and appeared in Vietnam through the laptop a few days ago for $ 21 million, but the genuine Lumia 1020 sold for $ 15.9 million.With this rate, 1020 will be the Lumia competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note III, Galaxy S4, GL G2 and iPhone 5.

Two accessories of 1020's Lumia Camera Grip (turn the case into phone PnS cameras) and Mini Tripod tripod will not be presented with machines that are sold separately. However, customers who booked in 1020 will be donated Lumia Lumia Grip and a number of other incentives depending on the distributor.

Strengths of the Lumia 1020 41 megapixel camera sensor, Zeiss lens Cazl 6 classes, Pure View technology combined with LED Xenon flash.This device is also integrated application Camera Pro, allow editing parameters such as white balance, shutter speed and zoom the image easily by concentric circles.

Regarding configuration, Lumia 1020 owned screen 4.5 inch 720p Super AMOLED, for good visibility even in bright conditions with colors image complexity. It uses a dual-core chip running at 1.5 GHz, 2GB RAM, this is the most powerful product of Nokia in the present time.

Close-5C first iPhone

iPhone 5C feels very sturdy and perfect when holding, a far cry from the plastic phones on the market that often.

The first iPhone 5C has been taken to Hanoi via laptop. Anh Vu - Vu Gia store manager Mobile - said, this is the portable products from China. Machine in Vietnam since yesterday (19/9), can be inserted SIM operator of Vietnam and used normally.

Supplied accessories include headsets by machine.


And Lightning cable. iPhone 5C only put on a plastic box, but this box is also very delicate design.

This product has size dimensions respectively la124, 4 x 59.2 x 9 (mm), weighs 130 grams. Equipped configuration quite similar to the iPhone 5 as dual-core chip, 4 inch Retina display, 8 megapixel iSight camera.

Through the rapid test, the manipulation iOS platform 7 is operated silky, smooth web surfing speed of this model is also very impressive.

iPhone 5C for a very special feeling when holding. Compactors and firm, not too light and are holding hands.

The right side of the machine is the SIM card slot. Like the iPhone 5, iPhone users also Nanosim 5C.

The right side with the volume up button and rotate the lever lock screen or speakers.

Bottom of the machine Lightning port, 3.5 mm headset jack and speakerphone.

Feeling quite 5C iPhone first took interest. Apparently, Apple was right to launch a product in the plastic but good. With the use of plastic, the machine is not limited to the impact, scratched when careless users that the product color is richer.

8 megapixel rear camera and flash.

This model is quite thick if compared with the current cult product.

The 5C of the iPhone buttons are carefully designed, without any sign of a lack of closely on the details of this product.

The connection port.

Currently, the first two iPhones 5C in Hanoi is being offered at $ 18 million. Both machines have 2 white.

iPhone 5S in Saigon was first sold for $ 52 million

The iPhone 5S bronze 64GB version first in Saigon has agreed to sell the store for an anonymous client for $ 52 million, will hand over your computer in this way.

This is the first year, Apple released two new products for a while. If the iPhone 5S appreciated with fingerprint identification features, the iPhone 5C owns many fashionable colors.

This is also the time of year to sell the new iPhone is quite close to the launch point. Two Apple products has been introduced more than a week ago, and today, the first day sales of products in a number of countries around the world, many shops portable phone business in Vietnam were quick to machines for domestic distribution. This article will be constantly updated information related to the new iPhone in Vietnam in the first day products are sold:

15h50: As revealed from the store, the customers buying the 64GB iPhone 5S yellow champagne for $ 52 million to make gifts rather than buy to use.
Video opener iPhone 5S in Saigon.
15h20: Store in Saigon Phongee said it has agreed to sell the iPhone 5S 64GB version first for an unnamed client at $ 52 million. The machine will be delivered to customers even in this afternoon.
1515: Representative Cellphones shops in Hanoi said that the first iPhone 5S they put on will be used to organize offline experience for users. Currently Cellphones not give specific prices, but the most expensive version is expected to be around 34-35 million. 
15h: The first iPhone 5S was about to Saigon. Some product pictures taken at the store:
The first iPhone 5S in Saigon.
Accessories included with the machine.
14h20: Accurate information about the price of iPhone 5S in Saigon: 16GB white or black and is priced at 20.99 million, the 32GB white / black is 22.99 million. Particularly yellow 64GB is priced up to 47 million.
13h40: Meanwhile, in Saigon, a restaurant owner said Lot 30 pcs of color, including 5S Gold 64GB iPhone 5 model has the Tan Son Nhat airport. This model proposed $ 47 million. While the iPhone 5S model remaining at 37 million Ad.
Carrying iPhone 5S.
Home key to highlight contours.
The rear camera with flash and a new system.
These side.
1330 : The first 3 iPhone 5S, all of bronze, were about to Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi). These products are portable from Singapore. As representatives Cellphones shops, units enter the machine, the model was purchased in the form of contracts and thanks to all subscribers in Singapore in the name. Also this afternoon, Cellphones City. Ho Chi Minh City will be the machine.
Image iPhone 5S bronze first to Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi).

iPhone 5C in Hanoi

A yellow version of the plastic generation iPhone was in Hanoi, this is the first iPhone 5C presence in Vietnam and has approximately 18 million.

Machine and cans, this model is present in last night in Hanoi.

On the back of the white iPhone 5C.

This image is the first iPhone 5C, computer network sim Mobiphone plugged and unusable. According to Vu, Vu Gia store in Hanoi, products originating from the Chinese market, one of the early iPhone sales 5C.

Surfing the web interface of this model.

Home key.

The angle on the screen.

5C-generation iPhone iPhone polycarbonate shell, ball, generation products sold with the iPhone 5S, smartphones with more advanced features than Apple's upgrade.

Plug in the machine and run on the network SIM Mobiphone.

Sophisticated fashion sense of beauty in London

Fashion Week is not only an opportunity for designers unveiled the latest collection, but also a chance for the stars to show fashion style of his class.

Actress Sienna Miller outfit of blue tones in impressive show of Burberry Prorsum. The beautiful combination of long skirts with cropped fur coat look sexy.

Model Alexa Chung is one of the honored guest, sitting front row at Burberry Prorsum fashion show. Trendsetters Beauty no pants with a leopard coat.

Olivia Palermo outfit choose discreet, warm black tones. However, she cleverly accentuated by eye-catching color accessories.

At Anya Hindmarch's show, beautiful appearance with elegant clothes, ton-sur-ton.

Model Poppy Delevingne wearing a striking red plum trench coat, Burberry glossy.

Actress Ashley Madekwe waist to show off crop top shirt.

Georgia May Jagger Long legs of mesh jacket at the premiere of the brand new product Longchamp.

Zoe Saldana wearing a simple white cardboard.

The fashion style of Victoria Beckham personality.

Kelly Osbourne paired with Harry Styles go fashion.

Pants + leopard tuxedo jacket, a style very "cool" by Kate Moss.

Austria crop top trend continues to be "hot" summer's coming when spring is pretty much the trendsetters. Ellie Goulding in Topshop's spring-summer show.

In each show, Kate Moss opted for a different style. This time, she showed off sexy long legs with a thin mesh shorts and socks.

Actress Naomie Harris LGUs prefer minimalist fashion, not picky in choosing outfits and accessories mix.

Donna Air looks very favorite leather outfit.

Pixie Geldof prominent in the front row to attend the House of Holland show. She impresses with vintage style.

Stylish elegance of "woman power" Anna Wintour - Editor U.S. Vogue magazine.

The wings of the actress Anna Kendrick is a combination of classic and modern. She was a guest at the Vivienne Westwood fashion show.